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"Where Were You" NBC with Tom Brokaw JFK assassination (2013) CUT & PASTE


Taxi to the Dark Side” –– Alex Gibney (TriBeca Film Festival 2007) WINNER Best Documentary  WINNER Oscar for Best Documentary 2008

"American Casino" --- Leslie Cockburn (Theatrical Release)

Hunter Thompson” HDNet – Alex Gibney (additional Cinematography)

History of the Supreme Court” – PBS – Hidden Hill Productions – PBS

Metal of Honor” Rachel Maguire – Spike TV – Story of Ironworkers and 9/11

Nova: Global Health” WGBH (Peru segment) Sarah Holt, Director PBS

The Smartest Guys in the Room” Enron (portions) – Alex Gibney, Director

"Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman" (2012) Available FREE on Netflix

Crime & Punishment” Dick Wolf Productions -- NBC 2002-2003 (two seasons)

CBS Reports: D-Day with Norman Schwarzkopf and Dan Rather CUT & PASTE

Coming Out Stories” Simon & Goodman Picture Co. for the Viacom/Logo Channel (2006)

The Trials of Henry Kissinger” (portions) -- Channel 4 UK -- and Theatrical Release

USAID” Uganda – Video about the Ugandan School System for US State Department Nov 2005

"Blakely Burl Tree Project" Ken Browne (in production 11/2010)

Crank” Yates productions for HBO – March 2003

America’s River: On the Hudson with Bill Moyers” Episode 1 --- PBS April 2002

TR: An American Lion” – 4 Hours – Greystone Communications – History Channel Jan 2003

Don King in China”– Working Title – May 2001

Suicide” – HBO March 2001

Army of God” – Offline Entertainment HBO April 2001

Talk to Death” – HBO Emmy Nominee for Cinematography

You Don't Have to Die” Oscar winner for HBO

Texas Execution Machine” -- HBO

Dead Blue” -- HBO Emmy Nominee

On Our Own Terms” Living with Death – Bill Moyers PBS Episodes 1 & 2 -- September 2000

"Amazing Grace with Bill Moyers" -- PBS 1990

About Us: The Dignity of Children” for ABC-TV

Infidelity” ABC -- Turning Point

Regular Contributor to CBS News 60 Minutes


60 Minutes: Wynton Marsalis and Morley Safer in Cuba:

The Popes and Their Art” (NBC)

"American Art: 1776-1917” (PBS) Host: Vince Scully (Yale)

"Norman Rockwell: Painting America" (PBS)

Various Projects for Sony Classical Music"– e.g., Wynton Marsalis, Kathleen Battle, YoYo Ma, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Seiji Ozawa & the Boston Pops at Tanglewood” Sony Music

Charlie Rose Show -- Bruce Marden, Paul Gaugin, Phillipe de Montebello  and others

60 Minutes Morley Safer -- Julian Schnable, Van Gogh, Wynton Marsalis and others

HBO Master Class -- Frank Gehry, Placido Domingo and others

Israeli Artists: Michal Rovner, Sigalit Landau, Micha Ullman, Barry Frydlander for Lynn Arison


Eavesdrop” Director's Cut Oct 2007 – Dir: Matthew Miele

Caddie Woodlawn” Movie for Disney channel -- Dir: Giles Walker

Necessary Parties” Movie for PBS with Alan Arkin and Julie Haggerty -- Dir: Gwen Arner

The Trial of Bernhard Goetz” Movie for American Playhouse -- Dir: Harry Moses

Home at Last” Movie for Wonderworks – PBS -- Dir: David deVries

COMMERCIALS/INDUSTRIALS: 1998 Hampton Film Festival Theatrical Promo -- Hackensack Medical Center Commercials

Tyson’s Chicken - Zantac 75 - IBM - NYNEX - Braum’s - Alka Seltzer PLUS - Aetna - Burger King - Schenley Distillers -

Rockefeller University - RCA - Alfa Grupo Industrial – Sony Music Commercials: Bruce Springsteen, Wynton Marsalis


ACADEMY AWARD, 2008, Documentaries "Taxi to the Dark Side" HBO

ACADEMY AWARD, 1989, Documentaries "You Don't Have to Die" HBO

Academy Award Nomination, 1996, Documentaries, "Citizen Kane" PBS

Academy Award Nomination, 1979, Documentaries, "The Killing Ground" ABC

Academy Award Nomination, 2005, Documentaries, “Enron: Smartest Guys in the Room” Indie

Academy Award Nomination, 2006, Documentary Short Subject, “Rehearsing a Dream” Indie

2013 Wayne State University Lifetime Achievement Award in the Arts

TriBeca Film Festival 2007, “Taxi to the Dark Side” Winner of Best Documentary

PEABODY Award, 1994, Documentaries "CBS Reports: D-Day" CBS News

PEABODY Award, 2000, Documentaries “Frontline: The Drug Wars"

EMMY Award, 1998, Outstanding Informational Program, “Secret Life of Barbie” ABC

EMMY Award, 1994, Sports Feature, CBS Sports 1994 Winter Olympics

EMMY Award, 1983, Cinematography, "American Journey" PBS

EMMY Award, 1980, Cinematography, "Central Park" WNET

EMMY Award, 1977, Cinematography, "L.I.E." WNBC

EMMY Award, 1977, Cinematography, "NY Blackout" WNBC

EMMY Award, 1975, Cinematography, "Ironworkers" WNBC

Outstanding Photographic Achievement Award, "Precious Legacy", 1986, Eastman Kodak

EMMY Nomination, 2002, Cinematography, “In Memoriam” HBO

EMMY Nomination, 2001, Cinematography, “Half Past Autumn: Gordon Parks” HBO

EMMY Nomination, 1980, Cinematography, "China" NBC News

EMMY Nomination, 1976, Cinematography, "Tall Ships" NBC News

EMMY Nomination, 1976, Cinematography, "The Farm" WNBC

EMMY Nomination, 1974, Cinematography, "News" WNBC

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Detroit, Michigan, 1960 -- JFK on the campaign trail near Detroit Metro Airport. Photo: Andracke --  taken from my car with a Rolleiflex while driving in the opposite direction 

On Location: "NECESSARY PARTIES" Dir. Gwen Arner behind camera. Stars Alan Arkin & Julie Haggerty PBS (1987-88)

 Chad 2007 -- 60 Minutes -- Elephant Poaching for Ivory

With Morley Safer -- Christo and Jeanne-Claude installation GATES in Central Park, NYC

Mike Wallace, Andracke & Eames Yates Martha's Vineyard

On the set of EAVESDROP -- Aasif Mandvi -- DP/Operator Andracke

Chicago November 2008


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